Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | October 14, 2010

I’ll be Better this Time


Change is bad.

But here I am…embroiled in change.

But things still look the same.

So what has changed?

I guess nothing really changes other than I am sitting in here alone again.

We’ll do it differently this time.

I will listen to some of the hate mail I have received in the past and make some changes.

1. Fewer retard jokes.

2. Leave Ed Asner alone.  I can speak about other hairy guys…but not Ed.

3. French Canadians are our friends from the north…even if they are retarded and their body hair is evolutionary.

4. Paint huffing is nothing to joke about.

5. Neither is chlamydia.

(Yes that is a link.)

So…there are a few changes.

But something will always stay the same.


  1. Ah, yes… it feels familiar here. A little change is okay, but I’m glad to see it’s nothing major. I haven’t seen the paint-huffing guy in a while. Nice to see him again. But I’m pretty sure you put the chlamydia link in there just for me, knowing I couldn’t resist clicking. And eeew. Thanks a lot.

  2. That link was just for you.

    I can’t handle too much change…I really won’t notice the difference if it looks the same.

  3. lmao! Glad you set up again, in a new local. You are always free to make jokes about America’s hat in my presence. I hate our hat, even though I’d move there in a heartbeat, I can’t love them.

    • Welcome over!!!!! You should have been around here when I was insane. Ask around…I was actually close to being in one of those jackets full time.

  4. That’s a pretty rad link. I’m going to dodge chlamydia, if possible. It looks uncomfortable.

  5. I discovered your private blog last night, followed by your new link. Btw, good comment on the jeans post. Nice to see you have not retired 🙂

  6. If there’s no retard jokes, I quit.

  7. tell me WHY. Did you get “outed” or what?

    • In a big way. On the personal side. Parents of kids I coach were made aware by someone in my house.

  8. Outed?! Eeek.

    And ehy…paint huffing is fine to joke about…as long as it involves photos;) Jeesh that guy looks like he had a Linda Blair moment…

    • I think that WHEN I start huffing paint, I am going to start with some kind of clear enamel…just to avoid these embarrasingkinds of photos.

  9. Good luck with your new blog – we’ll be reading!

  10. I am soooo late to the party. I will Ouchx4. That sucks. But I definitely missed you and I’m glad you’re still here. 😀

    There better be retard jokes.

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