Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | October 15, 2010

Banging the Dog

So…I was really in love with my “Five Thoughts” series. 

It really kept me writing…even when I didn’t feel like doing anything funny…not that they were always funny.  

I need to do something similar here because I don’t always have time to relay some of the great things that seem to happen to me each day, but I can’t call it “Five Thoughts.”

“Four” isn’t enough and “six” is too much.

“Five” is the number of fingers I have on BOTH of my hands…and the same can be said for toes on my feet.

It also matches the number of teeth I have in my mouth.

So…I’ll just throw that out there.

This week has not been a funny week.

But things are getting better.  My time in Georgia has been productive for the company.

But not very funny.

It has been the worst “work” experience of my life.  There is nothing even close…and that can be said for my personal life.

Because the situation is so awkward and the tension can be cut with a knife, I told someone yesterday that…

“It would be less awkward for me to have my wife walk in on me banging the dog than to experience what I am going through down here.”


  1. Nothing good ever happens in GA… I mean, come on. And… I hear from a friend of mine sitting at the airport waiting on a friend to come in to town that flights are delayed all over the east coast tonight. Not that it’s anything new.

    Please don’t bang the dog… even though that may be okay in Georgia, the rest of the world would frown on that.

    Yes, I twisted what you said for my own amusement.

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