Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | October 23, 2010

Off My Medication 10-23-10

1. A Los Angeles Union stagehand was fired while setting up a stage for President Obama for wearing a shirt depicting the George H. W. Bush aircraft carrier his son is currently deployed on. That is almost as large of a union violation as actually working eight hours in any one day.

2. NASA announced that they purposefully crashed a rocket into a moon crater and discovered billions of gallons of water. This discovery could lead to more manned missions to the moon, but finding pilots to willingly crash a vehicle is not easy…maybe Junior Seau is available.

3. A former NPR broadcaster was fired for mentioning, on another network, that he gets a little nervous when a certain “group” of people board an aircraft with him. I am so glad that no one can listen to my thought when boarding.

My list is huge…guy that smells, lady bigger than the seat, two-year old kid, sweaty person and…


4. I would like to say that Russell Brand marrying Katy Perry this weekend gives hope to the awkward looking funny guy landing a superstar wife. But, Russell only qualifies for one of those two “brands” and “funny” isn’t one of them.

5. I am now thinking that Randy Quaid’s role in Independence Day wasn’t really a character “reach” for him. I’d suggest Will Smith come and save him again…too bad he’s too busy pushing his family on the rest of the us.


  1. Randy & Evi Quaid are nuts. They just baffle me.

    • I would love to sit down and have lunch with them…but still at a comfortable distance.

  2. 1. I would love a t-shirt that reads “MY SON RIDES BUSH”

    2. I can’t bring myself to publicly make a joke about crashing a plane into anything at this point.

    3. I think I could sit next to Richard Simmons on a plane. At least on a short flight. The guy’s kinda funny in small doses.

    4. Russell Brand is funny… looking.

    5. Of all the people fleeing arrest in the US by going to BC (of which there are thousands) why is Randy Quaid the only one who got caught?

    • Randy Quaid has repeatly demonstrated his “screwupedness.” He probably turned himself in to the police.

  3. The mention of Randy Quaid will forever conjure up the image of Cousin Eddy emptying the contents of the mobile home toilet into the sewer in front of Clark Griswold’s house at Christmas time.

    “Shitter’s full!”

    I’m thinking many of Randy Quaid’s roles weren’t that big a stretch for him.

    • Even worse…that was the storm drain he was emptying the motor home into…

      But I think you are right about his roles…they were all about the same guy, huh?

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