Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | October 24, 2010

Off My Medication 10-24-10

1. Even though I have been trying, I can’t seem to avoid the news story of Celine Dion having twin boys yesterday.
Two Boys with Celine Dion as the mom?
I am not unsure if human sexuality is a genetic trait, but if these two boys DON’T turn out playing for the “other team,” I will be shocked.

2. The Republicans were on the Sunday news shows this morning saying that the Democrats are in trouble and the Democrats were insisting that their party will be just fine. The one thing they can agree on this that we are all screwed.

3. I could never work for the State Department. Having to say the work “Shiite” without laughing is not in my skill set.

4. Reports are that Mel Gibson is “respectfully protesting” the decision to remove him from the cast of “The Hangover 2” because of his recent indiscretions, but Zach Galifianakis will still be “respectfully obtaining” a restraining order, but Bradley Cooper is still hiding in the closet.

5. After huge piles of trash being left on the streets, the European Union is showing its’ real power to handle European issues by telling Italy that they had better figure our a solution to the nations’ week long trash strike…or else they’ll…um…well…or else.


  1. Dion and co. are French Canadian. That silly garb is normal for those freaks.

    • That is offensive. I love French-Canadians. If you think otherwise, you have me confused with someone else.

  2. The amazing thing here is that the twins’ daddy was able to conceive the 2 boys with only one testicle and half a penis. Or so I read on the interwebs. Apparently Celine’s hit song was originally entitled “My Vagina Will Go On”.

    As for the boys eventual sexual orientation, my prediction is autosexual.

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