Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | November 2, 2010

Off My Medication 11-2-10

I have been bouncing some ideas around for the last couple of months and came up with one that actually seemed like it had some legs.

That was a couple of months ago.

I have been hoping to get to work on it during the “vacation” or when I was working out-of-town.

It really never happened.

Finally, this past week, I put it together.

I edited it on Sunday night and actually laughed a couple of times…out loud.

But, I laugh when people fart.   This means I might not be the best judge of “funny” for the average person.

So…I needed someone who ISN’T funny to look at what I created.

And, in my world, this means only one person…


I had her read a couple of pages of scripts from her favorite comedy shows to get her brain in the “script reading” mode.

It took her almost as long to read it as I did to write it…but I gave her one task.    Just highlight what she laughed at…

It was good to hear her laugh from the other room.

By the end of the 40 pages, she begged me for the second one.

This was not the reaction I anticipated.

Maybe I need to get back to work on some “funny”…even if my career as JustAnElectrician is no where close to being over.

What a surprise.



  1. There is no funnier sound than the sound of a fart. Whether it be a high-pitched squeaker or low down and dirty wet one. All farts are funny.

  2. One of my husband’s best qualities is that he thinks I’m funny.

    Also, good quote:

    “I will say anything to be funny, often in the most horrible situations.” -Kurt Vonnegut

  3. It’s nice when your spouse surprises you like that. They’re often our biggest critics. So… I guess you now know that you did GOOD!

  4. That’s awesome. I’d like to read this script too. Please.

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