Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | November 4, 2010

Off My Medication 11-4-10

After being so busy at work for the past six weeks, I described my theory on work lately to having 15 friends in front of me in the ocean fighting for their lives.   I didn’t have the time to pull any one of them out of the water, but I could lift each one out long enough to take a breath and stay alive.

That being said…

1.  Conan O’Brien is getting ready to start his new late night show on TBS on Monday.    The original plan was to have George Lopez leading off the night of shows and Conan batting “clean up,”  but the network executives figured that George Lopez would be much better at cleaning up…

2.   This weekend, Randy Moss will be playing for his third different team in six weeks.   He has beaten Ann Heche’s record.

3.  President Obama is taking some heat after not the Democratic Party lost a record number of elections this week, even more seats that after former President Bill Clinton’s first term.  He is taking even more flack because he isn’t reacting in a similar fashion as the former President.     Clinton blamed the losses on the vast  “Right Wing Conspiracy.”   Obama blamed the guy running the teleprompter.

4.  A Harvard University study indicates that social networks like Facebook will keep America’s obesity rate climbing until it reaches 42%, but those same 20% of them will still be posting photos from them in high school.

5.   39-year-old Super Nanny star Jo Frost is leaving the show to begin her own family.  How about we visit her house in a decade and check her kids for bruises?


  1. Randy Moss is an ass. Good riddance. The local restaurant that he dissed is having a big special tomorrow. The first 50 people who show up in their Moss jerseys get a free lunch in exchange for their jerseys… the same lunch Moss said he wouldn’t feed to his dogs. The owner swears he’s not going to burn the jerseys.

  2. Maybe he could wipe his ass with the jerseys.

  3. Okay, that person in the last picture, that super nanny or whatever you called her. No idea who she is, but she really looks like a librarian in a porno movie. You know, right before she rips off her glasses and unties her hair for the money shot.

  4. Great material this week! You’re funnier than usual. I think social networks also = the death of the English language.

  5. Funny, funny boy!

  6. I agree with Marie about the death of the english language. I actually use complete sentences of FB. Some of my friends think that’s weird.

    My favorite joke is the Obama one. 😀

    And I used to like the SuperNanny show, back when I watched TV. It always made me feel like my kids and husband were normal.

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