Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | November 14, 2010

Off My Medication 11-14-10

1. Dexter hottie Julie Benz described her sadness in an interview this week that Jack Nicholson DIDN’T make a pass at her when they were on the same set. She shouldn’t be offended though, after twenty years, Jack has just built up a tolerance to Viagra.

2. Catholic bishops are getting out of the child abuse business and back into exorcisms. They insist there are a shortage of clergy that can perform an exorcism, so they are training 50 priests this weekend in Baltimore…I’m thinking they should’ve picked Cleveland.


Rehab watch: 2510 days until Justin Bieber enters rehab.

4. Just like the alumni of the of 72′ Dolphins break out the champagne after the last team of the year loses, members of the 2008 Lions drank a room temperature PBR after the Lions lost to the Buffalo Bills today…their 0-16 record remains untouched for another season.

5. One of the dreams of a boy from the south is to grow up to be such a good athlete that he can possibly, some day, grow up and put Auburn on probation.



  1. There was a lengthy article in our local newspaper’s Saturday Religion section about the shortage of exorcists. I guess one of the church’s concerns is that people don’t get the crazy idea that being possessed by Satan is some kind of “hocus pocus”.

  2. What??? The Bills won a game?

    • Yup. The Lions just let the Bills know that they have got a LONG way to go before they can get to Detroit’s level of sustained crappy play.

  3. I’m not sure it’s going to take Justin Bieber quite that long. I think your time frame would actually put him at legal drinking age before he’s ready for rehab. I’m betting it’s sooner than that.

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