Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | November 22, 2010

Off My Medication 11-22-10

The TSA is really having a tough week.  I never want to be accused of getting “soft” so…

Here is some piling on…

1.  Hillary, in an interview today, acknowledged that she would rather avoid the airport “pat-down” screenings if she had to choose…TSA employees agree that they don’t want to pat her down either.

2.  TSA agents have vowed, after a tough weekend of publicity, to lighten up their check in process before boarding a plane in the United States. Now instead of extracting it themselves, you will be allowed to bring in your own sperm sample before entering the secured area.

3.  Recent comments by the pope about the use of condoms has sparked debate in the Catholic Church. Not only a debate about condom use, but about sex itself…a topic they have been avoiding for decades.

4.  Prince William participated in a helicopter rescue of an English citizen yesterday. Dont be too impressed, he just needed every taxpayer to pay for the upcoming wedding.

5.  Miley Cyrus has decided against, during her performance at tonight’s AMAs, singing Poison’s “Every Rose has a Thorn.” It wasn’t that she was against covering a Poison song, it was just that her mom has already been covering Bret Michaels for months.


  1. 1. Turtle turtle turtle.

    2. I’m okay with walking through airport security completely naked. I’m also willing to turn around, bend over, grab my cheeks and spread ’em. Anything to guarantee my safety in the air.

    3. [insert child molestation joke here]

    4. Jeez he’s going for the cheap. I mean c’mon. He’s going to be King someday. But no, he’s using a used engagement wing. I’d wouldn’t marry a guy if he proposed with a used ring. I mean, you know, if I was a chick.

    5. I don’t know what’s worse: having to listen to Every Rose Has It’s Thorn or thinking that Bret Michaels boned my mom.

    • Once again…you are on. I would be all over you if you had a vagina.

      • “A mouth is a mouth.”

      • The five oclock shadow might get scratchy and I would just cry through the whole thing if I had tho do it to you.

  2. Was just agonizing over some not-so-flattering snapshots of myself. Now that I see the one of Hilary, I’m feeling a bit better about my photos.

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