Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | November 23, 2010

Off My Medication 11-23-10

1.  I passed through my first TSA body scanner today. I made sure that I was “chubbed up” before I passed through.

2.  While I was standing in the airport x-ray today with all of my “glory” on display, I heard the TSA supervisor tell a subordinate to get the eight year old boy out of the scanner.

3.  I found a way to sue the TSA about this x-ray stuff.

When I was coming out of the scanner, I started screaming, “IT SHRUNK!!! IT SHRUNK!!!! YOU SHRUNK MY D*CK!!!”

The agent responded that it wasn’t possible…until the “pat down” that resulted in the hand-check of my business.

All I said was, “I rest my case.”

4.  Today, Ireland announced that they are considering taking money from the EU because of debt they cannot repay. But borrowing money to get yourself out of debt is like giving an alcoholic a drink. Evidently neither of these concepts register well with the Irish.

5.  Leonardo DiCaprio was one of the Delta flights that was in trouble mid-flight last night. Unlike “Titanic” though, he couldn’t just go to his trailer after the director yelled “Cut!” He just went into the bathroom since he soiled himself.


  1. I spied your blog for my first time today and must say you are one funny character. When I become a successful blogger I hope to be just like you. Never heard the term “chubbed up” before. It got me wondering what you were thinking. Also, I didn’t realize there was an alternate spelling of humor with a extra “u” in it until I noticed your tags. Googled it and found out “humour” used to mean “moist vapour.” Till I get tired you, you’ll be in my feed reader. Your blog is my kind of humor. Keep it up.

  2. From those body scans, it looks like someone has been neglecting their running regimen…..

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