Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | December 8, 2010

Off My Medication 12-8-10

“Funny can be found anywhere.”   This is what I have been known to say.   So…I was challenged to find some funny, in a situation that wasn’t very funny.

Well…it was an exercise in futility.

1.  Portions of the “Bombshell” promised by jailed Wikileaks founder Julian Assange are being released. Topping the list was the revelation that Hillary’s Army was responsible for Bristol Palin’s success on Dancing with the Stars.

2.  Following the lead of Julian Assange, Wesley Snipes is threatening, if he isn’t released, to divulge disparaging information he has on Woody Harrelson.

3.  After a week of digging through all of these Wikileak documents, I finally found one that pertained to me and a secret I have been hoping to have answered. The Living Room TiVo remote was in the kids toy box.

4.  Julian Assange? What you’re doing isn’t impressive. Telling us stuff that already happened….pfffffft. Impress me by telling me stuff that is going to happen. Sir. Nostradamus you are NOT!!!!!

5.  Wikileak founder Julian Assange is being jailed for not wearing a condom during intercourse. He is expected to call Tiger Woods as a character reference.


  1. ???

    “Wikileak” ???

    Am I living under a rock?

    I know “wikipedia” – but not this other thing you speak of.

  2. LOL You always crack me up.

  3. Yeah. I know I *should*, but I don’t. Kids and all. The only websites I visit are blogs (on my phone) and Ravelry (kniiting) (on the laptop).

    Sooooo…..I’m gonna have to google it to find out, aren’t I?

    • Some dude got his hands on a bunch of classified documents and he’s releasing them…but he is now under arrest and facing rape charges. That is the “skinny” on this…but a Google News search would be better.

  4. Are Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson playing survivor or what? I can’t imagine why else they’d feel it’s okay to be outside in their underwear!

    • The funny thing here is the one thing you dont see…Willie Nelson is actually the third member of this trio…no jokes there.

    • It looks like they’re play “tummy sticks.”

  5. “Funny can be found anywhere.”
    Especially when you’re naked.

  6. I’m sure there are some doobies involved where Woody, Willie, and Owen are concerned.

    Who doesn’t know about Wikileaks????

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