Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | December 18, 2010


Last Saturday at 5pm, we brought someone over to the house to watch our children so we could attend the company Christmas Party.

At 10pm, my wife’s cell phone rang. 

The sitter and her daughter were sick.

Throwing up.

We told them to go home and leave my 12-year-old in charge until we go home…it would only be 10 minutes.

Sunday night…our youngest gets sick.

Monday night…our oldest.

Tuesday night…my wife.

Wednesday daughter.

Thursday night…I started.

This is some kind of NASTY stomach virus…like no other that I have witnessed.  Normally,  my stomach is so rock solid that things like this don’t impact me.

Not this time.

Attending one Christmas party has managed to wreak havoc on this entire family.

It is sad, as a parent, when your children are crying for water and you can only distribute it in 2 oz. portions every couple of hours.

The only one who has completely recovered is my oldest…just in time for his football game today…his best of the year.

The rest of us are still afraid to eat or venture more than one minute away from a bathroom.


  1. That just sucks! I hope you are all well soon.

  2. Aw damn, hope everyone feels better asap!

  3. How awful! I hope you are all feeling better soon. Some silver linings maybe… you all got it pretty much at once, so hopefully that’s it and it’s done. Also, you’re all sure to be completely rid of it by Christmas.

    Feel better. Don’t push yourself before you’re ready.

  4. Hope you’re all recovered by now. That happened to me at Thanksgiving, though I managed to avoid the barfing. Just barely.

    Happy Holidays!

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