Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | December 27, 2010


I kind of liked that guy.

He was kind of fun to have around.  He was always looking for a fun story to tell and an interesting way of looking at the mundane parts of his life.  He has evolved into someone else.

I have been spending the last couple of weeks going back and reading some of those adventures.

One of those stories, the one about the “Boston Creme Guy” inspired a  character in a series of scripts I am writing.   It was just one episode, but it was fun developing him into something.

My writing is beginning to get some legs and I really wish that I had more time to work on it because it is really costing me some sleep.

I still carry some notebooks with me, but they aren’t for joke writing anymore.  I’ll see or think of something that would make a good scene and jot something down for later.  I now have a good stable of ideas and scenes ready for whatever might come of all of this.

It was great thinking back on the day I met Boston Creme Guy.   In my mind, he surely developed into a more complex guy than I could have even imagined.

The first script I produced took me about two months to get together and the others are getting shorter and shorter as I develop those skills.    It is hard to develop any character in 3o minutes…let  alone 10 of them…especially since I didn’t know them either.

But now I have three of them under my belt and they are beginning to take shape…and it is exciting to see.    But, like all things, it is soon going to be time to do something with this idea of mine.   As fun as it is to create something, I am just not doing it for my health…well…maybe I’d go insane if I didn’t do something. 

There is no anticipation of a career change in my future, so there will be some kind of “letdown” when I take my work to someone and it gets rejected…I really need to prepare myself for that realization.

It isn’t like I am expecting to fail…but it is the reality of this kind of work.  There are many funny people on this planet with very funny ideas.

What makes mine better than theirs?

I don’t know.

Maybe it is…maybe it isn’t.

But I am going to try anyway.

Last night was pretty typical for me, I was trying to get to bed and was thinking about the ending of  “Boston Creme Guy.”  I asked my wife a question about a historical event that I could tie to this story (she is the home school teacher) as the concept hit me.   I had to go and change Boston Creme Guy completely, but it worked much better than what I had written previously…so it needed to be changed.

It was fun…and I like it better…and I know it was something that would make others laugh if they saw it.

It is fun to create.

Try it…no matter the medium.


  1. It’s why I knit. I turn string into wearable garmets (or toys, or blankets, or anything). Creating is fun.

  2. I’m not recollecting this post from your old blog. But no matter. Your point about creativity is a good one! Not only is it fun, it’s kind of essential too. I think we all need some kind of creative outlet as a way of recharging our souls.

    Thank you for sharing your writing creativity with us!

  3. Everybody needs something to fuel their spirit, something outside of the mundane ins and outs of everyday life. Clearly, you’ve found yours. And you’re good at it too. Yes, you might be rejected at first. Just don’t let it put an end to this creative outlet of yours.

  4. Yes, you definitely have a gift, a gift better than the finest boston creme donut!

  5. I miss MTAE.

    • He’s still around…and hopefully I can find a way for his stories to live on…in a more public way.

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