Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | January 9, 2011

I am old.

1.  I turned 40.

2.  I received a new toy for my 40th Birthday.

Final Draft 8

3.   I went back and re-read the scripts that I have written in Word and it was painful.

4.  Time for a mass re-write.

5.  It’ll be easier not to have to format these scripts on my own.


  1. Forty is the new thirty. You’re not old.

    That is an awesome birthday present, even if you did have to drop hints to get it. Some of the best gifts are born of hint-dropping, in my opinion.


    I love editing old stuff. Then going back and deciding I still hate it? not so much love but hey… it’s what we do 🙂

  3. How did I miss this post?

    Happy Birthday. I am 10 years behind you. 40 doesn’t sound old AT ALL – but I do fully plan to tease my husband about turning 40 in a couple years. (Only because it’s fun to tease him.) If he’s lucky, we’ll have stopped having kids by then.

    Enjoy that fancy software. I had no idea they even made something like that.

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