Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | January 12, 2011

Off My Medication 1-12-11

1.   After gaining fame, a house and a job, Ted “Golden Voice” Williams has fallen off the wagon and is now going into rehab….I wonder if “Gold Paint” was his vice.  (This is just an excuse to use my favorite photo.)

2.  Charlie Sheen called into work sick today. There was no surprise that his ailment was an infection. The shocker was that the infection was in his ear.

3.  The Pittsburgh Penguins are not setting a time-table regarding Sidney Crosby’s return from the injury list…as the first NHL player to actually have a period, doctors are a bit confused. Fans outside of Pennsylvania are not surprised.

4.  NY Jets players Antonio Cromartie and Shawn Ellis have been critical of Tom Brady all week. They insist that, while they were at home watching him win all those Superbowls on TV, he threw too many TDs making them sit through all those extra commercials.

5.  Sometimes jokes don’t ever need to be written because the facts are better…Oprah says she went on a Mac and Cheese eating binge after release of her movie “Beloved” bombed.


  1. See. Being your FB friend makes these less of a surprise.

    • I had a hard time coming up with five tonight. Sometimes, after a couple of tough days, “funny” can be tough. Facebook exchanges like the one tonight can snap me out of a “funk.”

  2. Not the paint-face picture! You KNOW that gives me nightmares!

    And what kind of weird sex positions is Charlie Sheen doing that he got an STD in his ear?

    • I like to find a reason to break that photo out of the archives every few months…mayhe Charlie did some of that to make him like he is…

  3. Um hmm. I see. Glad to help. 🙂 It *was* funny, if unintentional.

  4. Why do you keep posting that photo of you with the gold paint on your face? It’s not a good look for you.

  5. Well, after that 10-minute peeing scene in The Color Purple, there was nowhere to go but down.

  6. JEEZISS that gold paint sniffer dude photo CREEPS ME OUT. Please don’t post it any more.

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