Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | February 6, 2011

Off My Medication 2-6-11

The sicknesses that have plagued this house since Mid-December have really taken a toll on EVERYTHING.

There hasn’t been a full night of sleep for either adult in 10 weeks.   If one of the kids weren’t sick…one of adults have been.  Today is kind of a “normal” day.   I have some work to do at home, a fire in the fireplace and I am alternating cough medicine and coffee.

But, I have spent most of my time re-writing my scripts into my new program.   I haven’t been joke writing…maybe because there isn’t a lot funny about coughing, sneezing and throwing up.   There is always “funny” regarding going to the bathroom…

1.  With all of this sickness in my house, I’ll bet the only place in the world with more disease and bacteria in one place is Charlie Sheen’s hot tub.

2.  The White House has named their new Press Secretary…a guy named “Carney.”

That seems appropriate.

3.  Miley Cyrus is finally passing Lindsay Lohan. Miley just got her fifth tattoo and Lindsay is only on her fourth felony charge.

4.  Will reconsider my decision not to travel to Egypt if, while I am there, I get to punch Anderson Cooper in the head.

5.  Twilight “star” Kristen Stewart denies turning down the role of Lois Lane in the 2012 version of Superman. She’d be best suited to play a rock…since she is box office kryptonite.

6.  Big Ben is in trouble again. After a night on the town with his offensive linemen, he got caught slipping a roofie to his left guard.

7.  Workers in Pittsburgh are facing disciplinary action if they miss work the day after the Super Bowl. Lions’ fans don’t have to worry about this issue for two reasons. (1.) Their team will never be in the Super Bowl and (2.) there are no jobs in Detroit.


  1. Glad to hear you’re feeling better. Try pouring the cough medicine in the coffee. Not only does it ease your chest – it’s a natural sweetner and a fair to middling intoxicant. I’ve been doing it for decades and haven’t had a cold since Barry Goldwater sneezed on me back in 1967.

    • Glad to see you “still kickin’.” That had to be during Barry’s down time after his failed Presiential run. It was about the only way he could get someone’s attention during that stretch.

  2. 10 weeks of illness? That’s not right. I hope this is the end of things and everyone is feeling better soon.

  3. Good stuff Steve. Shake the crud and get back to your usual self.

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