Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | February 27, 2011

Off My Medication 2-27-11

1.  On Friday, I saw someone wearing a Member’s Only jacket and today? Sanctions against Libya and Gaddafi. If I see someone wearing Hammer Pants, I am jumping off my roof.

2.  With all of this stuff  happening again, it took a while for my wife to convince me that we weren’t in some kind of time warp back to the 80s.   I almost believed her, until I realized that I am not getting laid now…just I was wasn’t getting laid then.

3.  With gas prices climbing out of control, it is now officially cheaper for me to pay $80 to run in a Marathon than it is to actually drive 26 miles.

4.  Reports indicate that Lindsay Lohan is looking tired and thin. Her publicist blames it on the frequent trips to court…I’ll stick with my theory…Heroin.

I’d still like to see her naked.

5.  What?!  Both a gallon of gas AND a cheeseburger each cost over $3!!!!

This is America and we won’t stand for that!!!

Well…maybe we will…and can you Supersize that too?


  1. Um, have you checked the Internet lately? That girl has more nipple slips than Hulk Hogan.

    • “Nipple slips” and “side boob” are boring…both boobs and a confirmation of natural hair color are required.

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