Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | March 2, 2011

Kill HIM with Kindness

Sometimes, my hatred of all things can’t be hidden.

For the past 13 months, I have been battling a person on a job out of state.   He was in charge of a project where I had up to 40 people working at times.

If I had ten people there, he wanted twelve.

If I had twelve people, he wanted twenty.


He wanted forty.

If I finished one task three days early, he insisted we could have finished it two days earlier.

He was relentless.

He would want me to work inside of walls that weren’t even there yet.   I could show him a photo of the wall “not there” and he wouldn’t even acknowledge it was a photo of his job.

When asked to walk the job together, he would never come with me.

He would never allow me to speak alone with him because I am “the most dishonest person” he has ever met and he needed a witness to all of my conversations.

This is easily the most difficult person I have ever had to deal with in my life…and now that project is completed and he has moved on to torment others.

But I have decided to keep this little battle going on a little while longer.

I am going to spend every November of my life, finding out which construction project he is supervising.   That way, in December…

I can send him a Christmas Card wishing him the “best.”

The thought of him tearing up my card and throwing it the trash is an image that would bring joy to my heart.


  1. I love the way you think. I butted heads with a coworker today, one who is notorious for her selfishness and arrogance. Usually I don’t let her get to me, but today? She got to me. Unfortunately, I can’t get away from her. I have to continue working with her. But I would REALLY love to find a way to secretly torment her and take her down a few notches.

    • I’m just now remembering a post you did long ago… something about messing with staplers and tape dispensers and keyboards….

      Maybe I can do something here…

    • I like the way I think sometimes too…but it is also the reason I have developed the skill of “taking a punch.”

  2. What a dick. I can’t wait for him to get your Christmas card. That will bother him FOREVER.

  3. The worst part is being called dishonest. Do your best to drive him around the bend.

  4. You fucking crack me up!

    Reminds me of the year I sent my husband’s ex-wife flowers at her job on their anniversary. The card said, “Thanks for fucking up!” She was really pissed.

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