Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | March 23, 2011

Off My Medication 3-23-11

No posts about how long it has been since I did anything here.

I am just finding a lot of fun writing on Twitter instead. You’ll see the feed over there to the right. Some of the stuff below might not be timely any longer.

But here is a recap…

1. Victoria Jackson is taking heat for saying that “Glee” is making people gay. That’s ridiculous…what about True Blood?

2. Detroit officials insist that the 200,000 people missing from the 2010 Census aren’t in a surrounding counties’ quarry.

3. Gas prices seem to fall after a member of the Gadhafi family passes away. It is like an Arabian version of “Its a Wonderful Life.”

4. Iranian President Ahmadinejad insists that God will choose his successor. I am thinking he should let God concentrate on finding one for Gadhafi for a while.

5. The President was in Brazil over the weekend. He traded eight F-18s for soccer star Renaldo and a bunch of those fancy yellow cleats.

6. Univ. of Tenn. players stand behind their embattled coach Bruce Pearl, but insist that it has nothing to do with the cash he owes them.

7. The Government is denying that a housing crisis exists. They are hiring Martha Stewart to convince everyone that plywood is the cool, new window treatment.

8. By announcing their intention to purchase T-Mobile, AT&T will add Europe to their list of Continents they offer their crappy service to by next summer

9. Adm. Mullin says that there are continuous planes flying over Lybia . Obviously Delta isn’t involved in this operation.

10. Gadhafi is vowing to “arm his citizens.” This is a complete reversal of him actually “de-arming” them.

11. Knut, the Berlin Zoo polar bear, was found dead of an apparent suicide today after being let go from his spokesbear position with Coca-Cola earlier in the week for posting insensitive jokes on Twitter.

12. Gilbert Gottfried shouldn’t admit to making insensitive jokes on Twitter about Japan…he should have said Sinbad hacked his account.

13. The FDA is considering banning Menthol Cigarettes because they are more addicting than Regular cigarettes. Using this theory someone should have banned Cool Ranch Doritos and glazed doughnuts long ago.

14. Gadhafi is officially request an immunity challenge and a tribal council.

15. Gadhafi is considering accepting a punishment a little worse punishment than he received in the 80s. This time he’s being removed from Dancing with the Stars.

16. Billy Ray Cyrus is getting back with his wife and backing off statements that his daughter caused the demise of his marriage…this ensures that the Miley/Billy Ray relationship is much different than the Soon-Yi/Woody Allen father-daughter relationship.


  1. Glee is making people glay.

  2. Billy Ray Cyrus is blaming Hannah Montana for causing strain in his marriage and family. Of course. It has nothing to do with the fact that he got two women pregnant at the same time and has a son only months younger than Miley. Nothing to do with the fact that his wife had an affair with Bret Michaels. No, his domestic problems are all that damn Walt Disney’s fault.

  3. dropping in to say hi – that’s all I got for ya. Pitiful, huh? I’m tapped out word-wise but happy to see your humor has not left you. Cheers.

  4. Now I’m following you on Twitter. Do you feel like you’re being watched? I don’t Twitter much but do on occasion.

    Quite a good list you’ve typed out here. The last one really does sum up celebrity in all it’s glory.

    • I give “it” to Woody Allen whenever I get a chance. He really is a creep…and I mean that in te most negative way possible.

  5. Love #14.

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