Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | March 27, 2011

Off My Medication

1.  President Obama has scheduled a prime time speech tomorrow where he’ll explain his horrible NCAA men’s bracket, but tout his excellent women’s bracket record and maybe discuss the upcoming hockey playoffs and the start of the baseball season…oh, and maybe some wars or something like that if he has time.

2.  I hope, for the sake of humanity, that Scottie Pippen is behind on the evolutionary chain and not out in front.

3.  Why should all these feuds be limited to the Hip Hop Community.  I’d love to see Regis and his crew roll up on Oprah and her peeps…or Judge Judy throw down with Joe Brown. 

Maybe Wapner would have to mediate.

4.  TIME IS UP: My NCAA Bracket has more “Xs” than Elizabeth Taylor.

5.  I know baseball season is starting but let’s not forget about football. Only five more months before Lions’ QB Matthew Stafford goes down with a shoulder injury.

6.  Famed Radio Host, DJ Megatron was the latest victim of the intense NYC radio wars. The leading suspect is DJ Optimus Prime…or Imus.

7.  Organizers tried to round up enough Canadian celebrities to play in a charity hockey game last night. After only coming up with three, they decided to just settle for curling instead.

8.  Chris Brown has fired his publicist. This isn’t a surprise…he was fired from his last job too…as the accountant for Nicholas Cage and Wesley Snipes.

9.   Glee is as responsible for making people gay as Dunkin Donuts is for making Victoria Jackson fat.

10.  Evidently Religion makes you fat.


  1. You’d think all that guilt and self-loathing would burn a calorie here and there.

  2. Glee makes people gay? Cool, that is a new one to me. I once had a neighbour who believed that reading your children bedtime stories made them gay!

    Religion doesn’t make you fat – just preaching on TV.

    Obama – I don’t know, first chance he gets and he is in there like Bush!

    Feuds – I would like to see celebrity chefs taking each other down…

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