Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | April 5, 2011

Off My Medication 4-5-11

1. Shaquille goes down minutes after return.

—-thought he was a Wisconsin State employee

2. Highlights of the Country Music Awards show last night


3.  Meatloaf had a complete meltdown last night on Celebrity Apprentice.

—-Booked on Dr. drew immediately

4.  BP to resume drilling in the Gulf of Mexico

—-they figure as long as they are dumping nuclear waste into the Gulf, they’ll fly under the radar.

5.  Gaddafi willing to let son run country

—-Kind of like the same thing the Trump’s are planning

6.  Barry Bonds trial entering third week.

—-his testicles can’t hold up to this kind of pressure.

—-if it goes on a week longer, there could be a motion for a delay…those female hormones have him on regular, and predictable cycles.

7.  Star Jones says she was miserable on The View

 —-I hope she isn’t look for someone to disagree.

8.  See Dancing with the Stars last night

—-There is a big difference between falling and being dropped.

9.  When a 3 year old says, “ewwwww….gross,” you should take notice.


  1. Kirsty – looked more like a throw down to me!

    • I atually wrote that before I saw it. That poor fellow crumbled like a bridge in an earthquake.

      • Yes, you are right – too much woman for him, I guess!

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