Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | April 17, 2011

Am I a “Birther?”

My life is dominated by “theories” and “systems.”

Not exciting conspiracy theories about 9/11 and Lee Harvey Oswald like Jesse The Body Ventura…

 Oh wait…Just Jesse Ventura now…

My theories are much less “exciting.”

For the majority of my childhood, I was the youngest, which I think spawned The Entertainer in me…and I can see this when I am in a group of people.    It may have also been aided by some “troubled” events in my life during that childhood period.  

“Funny” was always a diversion…

“Humor” was a way to mask pain and hide from the problems I faced.

The hand I was dealt in my late childhood forced added amounts of responsibility into my life.   Some of those I accepted…and others were not dealt with appropriately. 

But that is the life of a teenager.

It was then, that I ventured out on my own…leaving the world behind for about five years.

As I reach my 40s, I am blessed with he ability to look back at the events in my life and see how they have led me to this point.

Humor, which used to be a veil, has evolved into a shining light.

Accepting the responsibility of life is a reality I fortunately learned in a period of my youth and has carried over to where I am today.

There has to be a “Birth Order” study out there somewhere for comedians and comedy writers.  

My theory is that the majority of them are the youngest in their family.



  1. I agree with your final thought on this and the birth order. There does seem to be a very high correlation.

    • It was always a way to mask my problems first, which then evolved into a way to survive in an uncomfortable situation. It has been in the last few years that I have learned to allow it to help me instead of using it as a shield…all the time.

    • But it is still my first line of defense.

  2. I believe that as well, the youngest is the funniest…i think it comes from the observations that a younger brother makes from his older ones and the way the youngest is usually treated..i am the youngest and by far much funnier then them and funny in general i think…great post..zman sends

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