Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | May 23, 2011

Off My Medication 5-23-11

1. Obama says he’ll reconnect with his Irish heritage during this trip to Europe. Evidently he is 1/3 drunkard.

2. Ohh…I am sorry.  My first joke implied that all Irish are drunkards.  They are not.  Some of them touch kids.

3.  Obama has another Taliban leader killed.  Maybe the fear of death is why the GOP candidates are dropping out of the Presidential Race.

4.  After seeing photos of Arnold’s baby momma, I’m not surprised to hear the other two secret love child mothers are Bea Arthur & the Trash Heap from Fraggle Rock.

5.  Can someone help? I heard Joakim Noah exchanged words with Ricky Martin last night.  Any idea what they talked about?

6.  Papers reporting ” Bulls Center Directs Anti-Gay Slur Toward Fan.”   This is so wrong!!!

Joakim Noah is a power forward at best.

7.  Joakim Noah says he didn’t mean to offend everyone by what he said.   He was just talking to that gay dude.

8.  I am not a good judge of  Joakim Noah said something offensive.  His hair offends me.

9.  Court rules California must release up to 46,000 inmates early.  Unrelated is my cancellation of my trip to California.

10.  Word from Ireland is that The Beast got stuck.  They shouldn’t use the same moniker for the President’s limo that they use for Hillary.


  1. I saw Obama going for the Irish vote – trying to look like a hardened Guiness drinker. Apparently a lip-reader claims that Obama commented to a bodyguard:

    “Jeez, how do these illiterate bog-hoppers drink this muck?”

  2. OMG…Love all of this….especially Arnold’s baby’s mama….

    Don’t ever loosen your buckles…..

  3. 1. What isn’t Obama? He’s Irish, he’s Hawaiin, he’s Kenyan.
    2. Correct, not all Irish are drunk. One has to stay relatively sober to pour the drinks.
    3. The Bush administration has been critisized for torturing people. Now, the Obama administration is just getting to the point and offing people. Land of the free, eh?
    4. Why did Arnold cheat? I thought pumping up was better than coming.
    5. Joakim Noah didn’t know anti-gay slurs are wrong. He’s French. Ant-gay slurs are encouraged in France.
    6. True. He’s no center. I got no joke there.
    7. He’s French. He was just trying to pick him up.
    8. It’s been offending me since he was in college.
    9. Yeah, I saw that movie. Wasn’t it called Demolition Man?
    10. I thought the name for Hillary was “bitch” not “beast.”

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