Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | May 31, 2011

Run, Funny Boy, Run

***The jokes are at the end…just wait…

About a month ago, I dusted off the old running shoes and decided to get back out there again.

It was the same old routine.  

I run a race. 

I stop running for a couple of months.

I start running again.

I hurt myself before the race.

I race.

I take a couple of months off.

I start running again, then sign up for a race.

It was happening again, until I decided not to sign up for a race…just run.    That decision didn’t really come until about lunch time today as I opened up my personal computer and started to write a script idea I came up with while going to bed last night.

For the past two months, I was trying to force a couple of my classic holiday stories into a Christmas episode of my series and it never really worked.

I started with an outline of each Act…from start to finish.    And it never worked.

Although I only four pages made it onto the “paper” today through multiple interruptions at my desk during lunch hour, which I normally work through, they were four good pages and the start of a funny story.

It was then that I realized that things are pretty good right where they are.

A healthy mix of family time, creativity, exercise and, of course, work is right where things need to be.   My life has always been about setting a goal and then achieving it…only to set another one.

So, if I signed up for another race, I would just be falling into that old trap again.   

***Just so you don’t think I have turned all sentimental…

1.   The one time I was involved in anything like “Weiner Gate” was at 17 after miscalculating a jump escaping from my girlfriends’ window.

2. After a second European banker getting busted at a hotel, I would be very self-conscious if I was a New York City maid that couldn’t get laid.

3.  Jim Tressel told Ohio State players that the days of selling memorabilia & getting free cars are gone. Back to cheating on tests & skipping class.

4.  A  school teacher in Mexico distracted the kids during gun fight outside by singing a “Barney” song.  A Miami teacher tried the same tactic & a kindergartener shot her.

5.  Just heard Nick Cannon describe himself as a comedian. I “Googled” “Nick Cannon.”  He’s as funny as a hemorrhoid.   And equally annoying.


  1. Your life actually seems pretty well in sync right now. Doesn’t that make you nervous? Just kidding… enjoy it, and running for the heck of it, and fresh ideas for writing.

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