Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | June 7, 2011

Off my Medication 6-7-11

I am sure everyone is expecting “Weinergate” humor, but that has really all been “joked out.”  And, since I have been genetically eliminated as a suspect for being the subject in the photo…I lost interest.


1.  Thanks Rep. Weiner, you’ve now made sending photos of yourself aroused in your boxer briefs to young women seem creepy.

2.  When asked about Rep. Weiner, Pelosi says she’s ‘deeply disappointed’ she didn’t pick him in the office swinger pool.

But, it is never too early to start Election humor

3.  ABC News Poll shows Mitt Romney tops  Barack Obama. This is much different than the “pole topping” Rep. Frank is used to.

4.   Mitt Romney, in a N.H speech yesterday, reaffirmed his stance that global warming is real…and dragons…dragons are Katie Couric has sold her soul to Satan. Networks throw money at her like a plumber at a pole dancer.

5.  Paraphrase of President’s Saturday radio address, “I’d rather be golfing.”

Then some e coli humor

6.  Kept revelation of “bean sprouts” causing the e coli outbreak from my wife to get out of eating vegetables tonight.

7.  Now, a whole generation of children don’t have to hear, “Eat your vegetables. They won’t kill you.

And why leave others out of the crosshairs?

8.  CBS News reports that teen unemployment is at 24%, which is 8% higher than the number of teens that can spell “unemployment.”

9.   The USDA announced the “plate” shape is replacing the food pyramid. I wasted $300 texting my votes for the Rhombus.

And one more “weiner” joke…

10.   Thankfully Representative Sphincter doesn’t tweet



  1. Glad I’m not the only one who thinks that Obama would always prefer to be somewhere else…

  2. It’s hard for me to take someone serious who has the same name of something used to retrieve a hot item out of the oven…..or catch a fly ball in the outfield….or…one of your gloves you lost in the snow……or….

    Love your site whether you like it or not….

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