Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | June 12, 2011

Buried in Emails

Liberal media has spent the weekend pouring over Freedom of Information Act released emails from Sarah Palin.   These are a few of the thing discovered. 

And, after only two days, more people have read these email than any of Keith Olbermann’s books…combined.

Onto the discoveries…

1.  Tried to send a photo of her left breast to a 16-year-old in Tuscon named John McLain.    Accidentally sent it to “John McCain.”  ON THE TICKET!!!!

2.  Sarah Palin was in negotiations with WWE for a cage match with for Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura

3.  The Palin family had Roast Beef on June 23rd after hockey practice.

4. “Birth Certificate? Did you see him throw out the first pitch? Give him a DNA test to determine his gender?”

5.  “I saw Rachel Maddow pee standing up at the Correspondents’ Dinner.”

6.  “‘Wardrobe malfunction’ worked perfectly. Looks like a McCain/Palin ticket!!!”

7.  “John McCain = 5 3/4″ with a slight slant to the left.”

8.  Has Nigerian relative that left her $1o Million, if she can just send $50K to release the funds.

9.  Can see can a squirrels nest from her back door.

10.  October 8, 2008:  Had to tell creepy guy with bad hair implants at other podium that “my eyes are up here.”




  1. I think she could take Jesse. He can’t hold his head still long enough to focus.

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