Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | June 19, 2011

Off My Medication 6-19-11

This was just a torturous week for writing.   Last night, I buried my first script series.   I am very happy with the series, the idea, the characters, the town…everything about it.

Now is the time to start #2.   This one will be more of  “My life…with a twist.”  

As painful as this week was, here is some funny…or not so funny.

1.  A penis is like a booger.  Seeing your own is alright, but having someone else’s in front of you is intolerable.

2.  Society screwed up when they divided public bathrooms into “Men” and “Women.” It should be “Pissers” and “Shitters.”

3.  Even the porn star Representative Weiner was tweeting with says the Representative has been dishonest.   He was “stuffing his shorts.”

4.  Mitt Romney is trying new approach by skipping Iowa caucus.   He also crossed off displaying underwear shots of himself from the list too.

5.  Pres. Clinton broke his “Weinergate” silence today. Said, “no-handed towel hook” pics get better results.

6.  On a long ride with your female boss, a satellite radio is a nice distraction until ball hair commercials start.


  1. 1 … and little boys can’t wait to go to school so they can show ’em both to all the little girls.

    2 … or “Stand-up” and “Sit down.”

    3 … I’m stuffing my shorts with fierce political debate and medicare!

    4 … Nobody needs to see Romney’s mitt. (Swing an’a miss.)

    5 … Then he added “And I didn’t need the internet. I did it all with interns. Literally.”

    6 … Those blasted merkin commercials.

  2. I don’t know…you males tend to piss all over the seats.

  3. let’s close the Lid on this subject….

  4. Satellite radio has no shame. They should have a station made for car pooling. 🙂

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