Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | July 14, 2011

Chip of the Old Block…

It is refreshing to see my son has some funky bathroom issues.  The boy is 95% potty trained with maybe one small accident each week.  But…

At one point, each of the three bathrooms had its own child potty seat.  In the course of one month, he has decided that he has one seat for #1 and another seat for #2.  The third seat doesn’t get used.

Tonight, I discovered that if he is going #1 and he is finished, he will stop and find the seat for #2.

When I asked him why he switched seats, he said, “That potty is for peeing and this one is for pooping.”

There is no #2 near the #1 seat…and no #1 in the #2 seat.

There is no doubt that this is my son.


  1. Congratulations on projecting your neuroses onto your kid. I hope to do this too some day. How does he feel about flip flops/bare feet?

  2. So..he has a space to do Thing 1 and Thing 2….clever.

  3. I don’t think being a neurotic pooper is something to be proud of.

  4. When will he start to contribute here?

  5. I can understand having a preference for one bathroom over another. Having one seat for #1 and another for #2? Yep, that’s definitely your kid.

    • He’s beginning to figure out that he can just stand up and pee…completely eliminating one step of the process.

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