Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | August 2, 2011

Nice to See an Old Friend

Sometimes, in midst of our busy lives, we forget some of the people we enjoyed in our past.

When you don’t see them around, you forget about them and experience some of their live from a unique perspective.

I missed THIS guy.

Check him out and his entry back into some of the story telling he used to do in the blogosphere.  He has more to offer than just a catchy blog layout.


  1. Off your meds again?

  2. I miss that guy, too.

    Glad to see he is back to blogging!

    • I think he might have something else up his sleeve too. Maybe needs to get some “story telling” writing practice in…

  3. I just decided to get back to blogging too. What a nice surprise to see MTAE back on!! Cheers!

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