Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | August 3, 2011

Off My Medication 8-3-11

1.  This story about Internet Explorer users have  less of an IQ score was a hoax.  Unfortunately, the only people who believed it were…Internet Explorer users.

2.  Obama has something in common with all American’s today.  When compared to 100, he’s 50% of the way there…the same percentage of where he’s trying to get our tax rate.

3.  Major League Baseball is considering suspending ARod for participating in illegal poker games…and Derek Jeter for impersonating a heterosexual.

4.  Obama is ready to play his final card in trying to create jobs…hiring a caddy.

5.   Blackberry Maker RIM, trying to prove they aren’t behind  the technology curve is coming out with new Blackberry models this month.  They’re counting on the “Rotary” to bring them back into the mix.

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