Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | February 8, 2012

Off My Medication 2-8-11

1. The only thing worse about the day after the Superbowl than listening to non-football people talk about football is the odd hint off barbecue sauce seeping out of the office bathroom.

2. The added benefit of the NY Giants parade today is that the ticker tape will soak up all the urine from Occupy protesters.

3. Just to prepare for halftime, Bill Belichick wore a cone bra and danced around for 30 minutes during practice this week.

4. Mitt Romney should really start taking all of this personally.

5. Mitt Romney is the guy that makes everyone else want to get up & leave the lunch table when he sits down.

5. President Obama is increasing Alzheimers research fundung since Joe Biden showed up to multiple meetings last week without pants.

7. Mitt Romney is all over Rick Santorum like Chris Brown on Rihanna in the car on the way to an awards show.

8.  Mitt Romney saw the shadow of his Cash Mountain this morning. Six more weeks of a crappy economy.

9. Using the theory that “All Press is Good Press,” Newt one-upped Romney’s “not caring about poor people” comment today with “I don’t like the way old people smell.”

10.  If Mitt Romney is standing alone in the woods, does the falling of his favorabilty rating make a noise?


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