Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | March 7, 2012

Off My Medication 3-7-12

So today, in order to get some comedy inspiration, I decided to grab the newspaper out of the driveway.   Being a former newspaper writer, I know that the written media has lost its’ market share.

After sitting down with a two week old newspaper, I realized that I was contributing to the problem and needed to read the newspaper, and clean the yard more often.

1.  Mitt Romney won Ohio last night. I’ve been there. It is really more like a consolation prize.

2.  Not to be upstaged with the press, today, Newt Gingrich published naked photos of himself covering his stomach.

3.  A secret videotape of Barack Obama was released today.  He can be seen, in the grainy video, throwing deep out passes to Duke University receivers.

4.  The announcement that the State Fair of Virginia would be closing was met with scorn today.   Now,  the combination of Food-On-A-Stick and Wife Beater T-shirts can only be seen at the three state-wide NASCAR races.


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