Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | March 21, 2012

Off My Medication 3-21-12

1.  I can understand the suspected shooter thinking he can outlast the French Authorities in a long stand off.

2.  Gallagher sent home from hospital for mistaking colostomy bags for watermelons.

3. Football is like is a washed up actress. Even when the spotlight isn’t supposed to be on her…she still finds a way to get into the news.

4.  It is unacceptable to strap a dog to the top of a car…unless his name is Newt.

5.  Muammar Gaddafi is to Bea Arthur as Hugo Chavez is to _________.  (I’ll let you guess the punchline…and why.)



  1. LMAO…..

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