Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | May 27, 2012

Asians Left Out Of Stock Photos

After being relegated to photos holding cameras and posing for Karate catalogs, Asians are quickly disappearing from the world’s stock photograph collections.   A recent study indicated that, despite being 31% of the World’s population, Asians are only in 3% of the world’s collection of stock photographs.

Award winning stock photographer Frank Ross stated the artist’s position, “Look, as a group, we’ve done a good job of leaving them out of the Penis Enlargement and Car Insurance advertisement photos, but it really would be easier if they all didn’t look the same.”

The recent flap was created by the release of a 2013 Kimono Calendar released by Ross, who used substitutes for the regular Asian models due to some PETA protests against the agency used for last years’ shoot.  Ross commented, “Transgender Brazilians make excellent Asian models…and I don’t have to worry about the crews’ pets coming up missing during lunch while the craft services table remains untouched.”

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