Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | June 1, 2012

Stars Come Out for Romney Fundraiser

STAMFORD, CT-  Following President Barack Obama’s multi-million dollar fundraiser held by George Clooney and attended by the elite of  Hollywood, Republican Nominee Mitt Romney looked in a similar direction for fundraising support after clinching the nomination from his party.

Although the entertainment industry historically supports Democratic candidates, Romney still carried hopes of biting a chunk out the President’s $15 to $20 million haul earlier in the month. Stars like Barbara Streisand and Jeffrey Katzenberg shelled out $20,000 to $40,000 to share a meal and an audience with the President at Clooney’s residence in Hollywood.

Romney set his sights a little lower after not finding a celebrity residing in Hollywood to host his event, having to settle for an alternate location, but was fortunate to have a veteran of the film and entertainment industry step up and host for the fundraising event.

Larry Mowery and his wife Clercy were happy to open up their Stamford, Connecticut home for the Republican Candidate.

“I try to stay under the radar here, but it is hard,” said Mr. Mowery.

Mr Mowery is most widely known for his roles as “Bystander #3” in Blazing Saddles and “Crotchety Old Man in His Underwear” in Police Academy 9, but has been in the entertainment business for nearly 50 years so he was a natural choice for the Romney Campaign.

“I knew Mitt’s Dad, George for years,” Mr. Mowery added, “and I played both the birthday clown and Santa for them for years in Michigan.  We understood that Romney had a need and a tight schedule so we just decided to combine our weekly Bridge night with his event.” said Mr. Mowery.

He was equally as proud for the town they’ve called home for the past thirty years to host such a prestigious event, “Stamford is like the Hollywood of the East Coast.  Except we don’t have all the gays…they live across the border in Port Chester.”

“We’re so glad we could open up our town, and home, to Gerald Ford, “said Mrs Mowery, “I sure hope this is enough to push him over the top against that Governor.  You’re crazy is you think a Governor who has trouble running a state isn’t going to have more trouble with the Country.”

Guests at President Obama’s event were served Matsutake mushrooms, Wagyu steak and created by Wolfgang Puck for the evening.

“What do you expect for $20,000 a plate?” exclaimed Mrs. Mowery, “…and, we couldn’t handle all of these dishes…with Larry’s IBS issues and most of the guests already taking advantage of the AARP buffet Thursday special at he Golden Corral.”

The total amount raised for the evening was not disclosed at the time of publication, but it was expected to be well into the four digits.

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