Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | July 31, 2012

Off My Medication 7-31-12

This is the regular, not that anything has been regular, type of post here.

1.  Never would’ve been the one to take bet that Snoop Dogg’s name change would have nothing to do with ‘Witness Protection.’

2.  Michael Phelps wins his 19th Medal…that leaves him one short of Lindsay Lohan’s coin count.

3.  ABC cancels Fred Williard’s show leaving him more time WITH his hands.


4.    NYC Mayor Bloomberg tries cutting costs by hiding Baby Formula from new mothers. Maybe he’s a little late…try hiding vaginas from the men.

5.   Olympic officials are allowing a Saudi woman to compete with her headscarf during the Judo competition.  The panel approved the measure as long as swimmer Michael Phelps was forced to wear one whenever his head was out of the water.


  1. 1. I’m surprised this is only the second time he’s changed his stage name. Shouldn’t he be Shizzle Dizzle Grizzled Pizzle by now.

    2. Ironically, they share the same dealer.

    3. Wha’ happe’?

    4. And the baby formula is only available in small and medium size.

    5. For a man who is more fish than man, he looks eeriely similar to a large dog.

    Not my best this morning.

  2. I am trying to IGNORE your buckles…but they keep me chuckling…

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