Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | August 3, 2012

Is this Racist?

This is possibly the most racist thing I’ve ever seen on TV.



  1. I thought these were no longer shown. Where did you find this? And it may be the most rascist thing I have ever seen, and I work in a restaurant!

    • Actually hunting for the Sanford and Son “Dip your Face in Dough and Make Gorilla Cookies” clip…this showed up as a Video in the sidebar.

      • Ba ha ha ha ha ha! I totally forgot about that episode. OMG I have to find that episode now!

  2. It’s only racist if it’s untrue.

  3. I’m reading the Princess Bride. The narrator keeps dropping out of the story to add explanations about what is happening…. “She had superb taste. This was after taste, but only just.” “This was before glamour, but if it hadn’t been for ladies like the countess, there would never have been a need for its invention. “This was before Europe but after Paris.”

    So as soon as I saw the clip, I thought, “This was before racism!”

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