Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | August 6, 2012

I’ve turned into “That Guy”

I have been out of the blogging loop for about a year and a half.

But as I poke my head around the blogging world again, I’ve noticed a change around here.

It is going to make me sound like the guy who had to walk uphill to school…both ways.  Which is unfortunate, because I always envisioned myself as the “loading my shotgun on the porch in his boxers” kind of guy.

Maybe it is easier just to click “like” than to type a few words in a comment box, but maybe the art of the “comment” has been lost.

Let’s blame Facebook.

I have become friends with many of the bloggers from my past.

Very good friends.

And I think it is because we’ve shared thoughts, exchanged ideas and even disagreed on many topics.

I’ve been scolded for my use of, and likeness of others who aren’t afraid of the word “retard.”

I miss the banter of commenting.



  1. Thank God! I thought I was the only one!

    I also sometimes feel as though some folks would rather see a “like” then respond to a comment (not that I expect a response—-even I am not that needy). Once in a while I feel like I am trying to sell them cable TV at dinnertime.

    I have had a blog for a while, but have just recently been trying to make actual connections to other bloggers; getting feedback helps.

    By the way, I love your blog. And I’m not just saying that to make you feel better.

    • I’ve found that people are kind of cool…especially if they aren’t knocking on my door or sitting on my couch.

      My previous blogging experience resulted in some “legal wrangling” and a list of things that I can’t mention. 😦

  2. I use the word “retard” a lot. I suppose when you spend 40+ hours, 5 days a week, 26 weeks of the year with morons, it’s hard to find a suitable non-offensive word to describe them.
    I’m relatively new to the blogging word but comment as much as possible. 🙂

    • Yeah…. I hear you. I really have to check myself when it comes to that word. I don’t always succeed. The other one I get into a lot of trouble for is “gay”, but, in my defense, if you grew up in northern NJ in the ’70’s EVERYONEused “gay” to mean “uncool”; we used “queer” when referring to homosexuals.

    • Being in the “comedy” world, those are words thrown around a lot…and walking a fine line between “funny” and “offensive” is tough. We have, as a society, developed a thin skin. Both myself, and family, work with “challenged” people…so it is always refreshing to be preached to by those who don’t know where I am coming from.

  3. What do you do when you have nothing to say? I liked it but it didn’t make me feel the need to speak? That happens to me sometimes. But I agree. A comment is polite, especially when the blogger left an open question.

    • I think there’s nothing wrong with a “like.” I just get surprised when I see 50 “likes” and no comments. Like I said, I’ve been gone a while. Things change.

      • I’m still new at this lol

  4. *LIKE*

    • Thanks for not calling me a retard.

      • Lol

  5. I have to agree with you when it comes to Facebook. It seems like people tend to put so much random information on their “status” that it gets to the point where a comment isn’t needed. I mean, honestly….who cares what you made for dinner or what type of stomach bug you’ve passed around your house. Don’t get me started on the “bad” day your having…..some of it is such over kill that comments aren’t even necessary! Maybe that’s where the “like” button gets overused since there’s really nothing to say…lol. In a nut shell – comments are very nice to see/make when one is putting themselves out there in the blogging community. 🙂

  6. sometimes you leave me speechless……….that’s a compliment.

  7. Was the LIKE button even an option a year and a half ago? Seems to me it’s a relatively new thing. I struggle to keep up with writing my own blog and then reading and commenting on others. But I try to comment unless I really have nothing to add. I have commenters who consistently have something great to say AND they make sure to hit the LIKE button every time. Makes me feel bad for not remembering to return the favor. I just sort of feel that if I cared enough to comment, you KNOW I found something to like about it.

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