Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | August 7, 2012


I hate this guy…

I hate him because he is bad.

During my previous blog experience, I was only targeted by two groups.

1.  The Ed Asner fan cub (it was a post about body hair.)

2. A group of French Canadians for a rant about tourists trying to navigate, in 2009, with a Civil War Era map.

The Patrick Ry thing is completely…100% a hockey thing.  Being from Michigan, I am a Red Wings fan…and we all hate him because he is evil.  I carry that a bit father to all other French Canadians.

That WAS in the past…until today.

I am at mile 6.2 of a trial 13.1 run that I was trying to compete in less than two hours, when a van pulled ahead of me and someone gets out.   Just as I prepare to Bruce Lee this guy, I notice the plate.



I helped the poor bastard…and still made it in less than two hours.

But I still hate French Canadians.





  1. Aw, come on. Kenny and Cartman don’t mind French Canadians!

    • Kenny would’ve been hit by the van, but Cartman would definitely be sporting’ some cool running gear.

  2. It’s okay to hate French Canadians. It’s okay to hate them.
    If there’s one group of people that’s hated the world over, it’s the French. And there’s only one group of people who consider themselves to be more French than the French, at that’s Les Quebecois (the self-identifier for French-Canadians).
    I really could go on endlessly about why I hate them and why everyone else should hate them. I’m just going to give my top five reasons.
    5. They’ve implemented a system of mandated racism.
    4. They prefer the Montreal Canadians have a francophone head coach over a more-qualified anglophone head coach.
    3. Poutine.
    2. They have door-to-door black market cheese salesmen.
    1. They want to have their cake and eat it too.

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