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They ate Pounds of Ice Cream and I didn’t Poo

This weekend marked a special occasion and a rare family trip outside of the home.

Washington D.C. was the location chosen…well…if I was in on the decision-making process we would’ve stayed at home…

Washington D.C. is where my wife informed me we were going with the three children, the oldest of which, celebrated his 13th birthday yesterday.

Day 1

After the drive, ended with hotel check in…

and a quick meal at Union Station where the boy tried his hand at being homeless…


I let him know that, although he did an excellent job of finding a bottle with some Coke still left inside, his “pity” face was going to require some work.

Day 2

1. BYOB (Bring your own Breakfast…a staple to financial stability in D.C.)

2. Walk to Capitol.

3. Walk to Art Museum.

4. Walk to Museum of Natural History.

5.  Walk to Museum of American History.

6.  Eat Popsicles in an attempt to rejuvenate the four and eight year old…along with 40-year-old Mom with a sweet tooth.

7.  Walk in Air and Space Museum an hour before it closed.

8.  Walk out of Air and Space Museum 45 minutes before it closed after Popsicle plan proved ineffective.

9.  Start walk back past Capitol to room.

10.  Stop at vendor to buy Ice Cream…similar strategy implemented for  Gulf War II.

11.  Make it back to Hotel dragging chocolate covered kids.

12.  Sugar rush…dead parents.

Day 3

1.   I am a runner.   No better place to run that D.C…and I was able to sneak in a 12 mile run.   The only thing they have more of there than runners…are Liberals.  In less than an hour, I was able to run around the Capitol, see the sunrise at the Lincoln Memorial…

…and someone pulled the plug on the reflective pond.

I was also able to visit Thomas Jefferson…

…as he looks out over the White House…

…I then saw some locals run under on a trail under a bridge.  I followed hoping he wasn’t a serial killed and was actually leading me to a local running trail…


…he wasn’t a killer and this was the trail and the place where I decided that I needed to head back to the hotel to get Day 3 underway.  I was able to stop by the Vietnam and World War II Memorials on my way back slowing me down a bit, but what an emotional and uplifting run through Washington D.C.

2.  Impromptu birthday tart.


3.  Trip to the National Zoo…

…and ice cream bigger that we could handle without making a mess.

Closing:   We do a lot of eating of Ice Cream and I successfully avoided not sitting on a toilet for the entire trip.



  1. Sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. Here’s what I noticed the last time I was in DC… Plenty of opportunities to buy ice cream; very few water vendors. It’s like they WANT you to dehydrate. Very annoying. Glad you had a good trip!

    • Water is tough…I think the plan is to funnel people toward the $3 water…and the $5 “naked hot dog” locations.

      • I would have paid $10 for it the day we were on the mall and it was, not kidding, 105 degrees (fahrenheit!). In New York you would have been tripping over water vendors and homeless perfume sprayers (but that’s a whole other story).

  3. A bit of trivia for you: the company I used to work for is doing the renovation on the reflecting pool with a new filtration and perimeter gutter system. And I wrote the press release. 5-1/2 years of college put to good use, eh? #themoreyouknow

    • Whew…and I thought that the drought hit D.C. kind of hard. Very nice use of the word “original.”

  4. You’re a good dad. Even though it sounds like the best part of the trip was the run by yourself. 😉

  5. How many days without pooing? Just a weekend? If so, you probably didn’t do too much damage to your insides. Looks like good family fun. I can’t believe how much your oldest has grown. He looks just like you!

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