Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | August 14, 2012

Hobbies and Passions

Running and writing are my passions.

My 1/2 Marathon is coming up in a couple of weeks and I’ve been at a “state of ready” for a couple of weeks now.  I can pull out 10-13 miles whenever I feel like it at a pace that is my post 25 year old pace and since I took a decade off from running, it was disappointing to know I got out of shape like I did.

I never really gained any weight in that decade, so it was just a matter of getting on track.  I’ve been back running for a couple of years now and have completed a few 1/2 Marathons and two full Marathons.   It is just a matter of setting a goal…and competing a goal.

Easy to focus when to set…and pay for…goals.

My other passion is comedy.  I write for some local comedians and toy around with some scripts.

I am part of the writing team for “Click! The Web Series.” We should be releasing episodes this fall.

This is my other pet project…that script and Mini-Bible can be downloaded here.


  1. I’ve thought about doing a marathon (and recently a triathlon), but haven’t actually tried it yet. I get side-tracked so easily. Good luck and may you finish first!

    • Pffft. My wife says…if you’re not trying to win, why run? I just went to bed and cried.

      • Lol…awww…Honestly, if I entered, I know I wouldn’t finish first, but finishing period in the allotted time would make me positively happy. Plus, being amongst others who hunger to push themselves further only fuels the fire.

      • Bingo. That is the MAGIC. The start and finish lines are the COOLEST places in the world. Watching others accomplish their goals makes you cry with them. It is an amazing place…and I call 1/2 Marathons and Marathons “overrated accomplishments” after doing them. You just kind of “gut” your way through them. It is just pain, and as long as you aren’t “injured,” and pain can be endured for a couple of hours.

  2. You’ve accomplished what few of us bloggers do. You’ve got some paying gigs! At least I assume they’re paying… I’ll be able to say that I knew you when…

    I’ve picked up running again over the past few months and am having more success this time around. I blame age. I started late in life. My body was confused for a while, but now it’s catching on. I’m not sure about half marathons or full ones either. I can manage about 4 miles so far. I haven’t tried to go beyond that yet. But I kind of understand the passion.

    • I am still coming out at a HUGE loss on these hobbies. Running is different for everyone…some of us were “wired” to be runners and other have to work at it. Get in a 5K (3.1 Miles) with some friends. You’ll have a blast.

  3. I enjoyed your script. The jokes were funny. It was easily visualized. I can absolutely see this being successful with the right ensemble. Kudos to you! I so hope this is a successful endeavor for you. It is obvious how much time, energy, and love went into its creation!

    • Thanks for reading!!! The first couple of versions were TRASH…and much more edgy. I have started that and put it down for about two years. I have some others in the pipeline…it is fun to put together. I have four other episodes of that written.

      • Well, it’s good. And better than a lot of the stuff that is currently on television!

      • Thanks. I love you. 🙂

      • Luckily my husband doesn’t know about my secret blogging life. Which is surprising, as he is sitting right next to me. Too busy watching the flipping Mets lose AGAIN. He may take note of what I have been doing once the season is over (for me it was over following the All-Sta break, bu I am far less patient than he is).

      • Tigers fan here…they are trying to lose this thing.

      • I know nothing about the American League other than that The Yankees will probably win AGAIN. Ugh!

  4. I’ll run a 5k with you. strap an O2 tank on my back and I’ll be set.

  5. Can you write and run at the same time?


    Didn’t think so.

    • But I can record my ideas while I am running…for writing later. Great idea come to me when I am writing. They can be combined.

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