Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | August 19, 2012

Same Game; Different Field

As far as script writing goes, I’ve only had to work under a deadline once, and we hope the result of that process is released sometime this fall.

Maybe it is time to enter a few contest and start cranking out some work.


This one looks interesting…and I think that I can’t put an Ignore the Buckles twist on the Logline.

“A New England matriarch with a week left to live pledges her fortune to whoever in her small town fulfills her dying wish.”

It surely sounds like a drama to the average person…but I am not the average person.

Fifteen pages is all…and I’ll organize this one…unlike my usual process of four yellow sticky notes and my laptop.

I’ll play around with an outline I put together a few weeks ago and see where this ride takes me.


  1. You should!

    I have no doubt that you will put your own spin on the Logline!

    Good luck!

    Of course, win, lose, or draw, I would love to read it!

  2. That has Ignore the Buckles written all over it! Can’t wait to find out where you go with this one. I know you’re going to have a hay day with that dying wish thing.

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