Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | August 25, 2012

Wardrobe Malfunction

Running is my other release.   I’ve run in a few 1/2 and full Marathons since I fell back in ‘like’ with running.

It is a nice release and escape.   I’ve got my mind set on another Marathon this fall, but I’d really be happy staying in continuous 1/2 Marathon condition that way I could just run one whenever I felt like it.

I seem to remember a running gag about me having the same outfit for each run.

In my “heavier period (2009?)..”

And my “lighter and better hair period (2011)…”

I still have this outfit in my closet and look to break it out next weekend for Virginia Beach’s Rock & Roll 1/2 Marathon.



  1. Wow! 2 years difference, same clothes, same form. I take it you like how your hair looks when it’s longer since you labeled it a “better hair period.” Looks good both ways if you ask me, but the longer hair does make you look a little younger.

    Good luck in the 1/2 marathon!

    • Well…we should call that hair the “middle” style. It become MUCH longer than that. I am a fan of it when it is about the length in Photo #2. That one was also a full Marathon and I have no idea how I am looking THAT relaxed after 26 miles…I surely didn’t feel that way.

  2. maybe it’s your lucky running outfit or maybe it’s true that men never toss anything away.

    • It’d be pretty hard for this outfit to go out of style…and it isn’t riddled with holes…so…why get rid of it? And, judging from the odor when I am done running, I doubt that I’ve ever gotten ‘lucky’ while wearing it.

  3. Better hair is right.

  4. I’ve determined that no matter how much I freakin’ run, I’m good for 10k tops. I must be one of those people who just can’t go any further. I like to think of myself as a middle distance specialist LOL.

    My hats off to those of you deviants who can do a half or full marathon. That’s just amazing to me. And I laugh in a “I hate you” kind of way when you say that you would like to stay in continuous “half” marathon shape which means running whenever you feel like it. Like what is that, once or twice a week? Grrrrr…

    OK – and I say this to make myself feel better – I’d blow you away in a 5k. We should race. 🙂

    • I really think Marathons and 1/2 Marathons are overrated accomplishments. Most of us just “gut” our way through them. I am a ‘5K guy”…and run those in around 22 minutes.

  5. The only running I have ever done is from the cops. But that was years ago. They’d probably catch me now.

    I cannot believe those pictures are from the end of a marathon. That’s just ridiculous. Ridiculous!

    I’ve always been tempted to wear a pedometer to work. Just to see how many miles a day I “log” throwing food and bev at people. I worked a “double” today and felt like someone had run me over by hour 12.

    • The first photo was a 1/2 Marathon…that didn’t feel so good. I run more for therapy than to stay in shape.

      • I would look worse if you snapped my photo after a run to the mailbox.

        Good luck next weekend. Maybe you’ll cross my mind when I am “carb-loading” at Carmine’s in Manhattan, prior to walking up the street to see “Jersey Boys”! 🙂

      • Thanks. Maybe I’ll have a good today AND the Africans won’t show up.

      • Speaking of running for “therapy,” a few questions… 1) how did you get past the initial agony of everything hurting and into the rhythm of running? 2) what kind of therapy do you find here? is it a calmness of mind, a freedom from thought, etc? I’ve never learned how to get past that first blast of agony and breathlessness, but the idea of moving in rhythm and strength sounds really appealing. Currently, I’m into things like Zumba (which is pretty hard core the way my friend teaches it, plus we all get to pretend we’re JLo), a stationary nike (I’m too unbalanced and nervous to ride a real one), and yoga, chasing a puppy, cleaning out houses, etc. I use grocery bags as weight training. ;P

        Oh, and do you live somewhere whre you can run year-round? If you live in a cold climate, how do you do it in the wintertime?
        Thanks 🙂

      • Whew. I sent you an email on that one… 🙂

  6. Nicely done…on the hair, downsizing, and running achievements!

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