Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | August 27, 2012

Off My Medication 8-27-12

Other than a Hurricane brewing, this was a pretty slow news weekend.

1. In interviews this weekend, President Obama promised that he will compromise more in second term start hitting from the white tees.

2.  President Obama admitted that not every concept is made up of perfect ideas.  Each side has some good ideas and some bad ideas.   He indicated that he would ensure that all of the bad ideas are gathered up into one really bad idea…and he would make that into one really bad law.

3. Panic spread through the Republican Camp as the Romney family began packing up for the drive to Florida.  Handlers were sure to pack the car for him.

4.  Saying “Joe Biden is skipping the Tampa leg of this campaign tour” actually means he ‘got on the wrong bus.

5.  This one for the football fans.  NFL Referee Ed Hochuli, depressed over the NFL season beginning with replacement referees, is reportedly deep in an Arizona basement watching exhibition games and pumping iron in his underwear.


  1. I continue to be stunned that the whole “dog on top of the car” thing hasn’t gotten more ink, except with Letterman who brings it up at every opportunity, which I love! To me it has always spoken volumes.

    • Having your opponent actually admit that he ate a dog kind of negates that issue.

      • Well, that’s all about context, though, isn’t it? It’s one thing to partake in local customs, another to think it’s a fine idea to throw a dog in a cage on top of the car for a long trip. It’s not like he didn’t have the resources to have attached a trailer to the back of the van, put the stuff in it, and let the dog ride in the car.

      • Ah…ah…I am an equal opportunity joke writer and I don’t really take a public side to this.

        But, I’d consider skipping a meal or two or eating a salad of some kind before eating a dog and consider a trailer before taking a dog on a trip. I can easily admit they both might have made a mistake here…but one dog lived and another didn’t.

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