Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | September 3, 2012

Off My Medication 9-3-12

Whew, a week of getting work caught up and running in a 1/2 Marathon has really zapped the “funny” from my brain.  We’ll do a quick summary of the news and see what we come up with today…

1. My most enjoyable Labor Day activity is listening to the police scanner as the domestic calls from the family gatherings come in…

2.   Singer Seal accused Heidi Klum of “fornicating with the help” because people love hearing celebrities refer to others as “the help.”   His public image shouldn’t be too tarnished

3.  Russell Crowe used a cell phone to call the Coast Guard for help after being lost at sea yesterday…He’s glad to know that phones don’t hold grudges.

4.  Joe Biden Donates his U-haul to the Detroit Economy…

5.   After searching far and wide for a crazy old codger to counter the rambling speech by Clint Eastwood last week, the DNC finally realized that they had it covered…Biden arrives on Tuesday.


  1. Never mind “help”, who the ell uses “fornicating” anymore?

    Love the Russell Crowe joke!

    How was the 1/2 marathon? Did you meet your goals? I had 1/2 an Italian hero this weekend, but that’s really not the same. Never mind.

    • I liked the Russell Crowe joke the best of the bunch…I had to include the link in for the old story for those who are Entertainment News challenged.

      The 1/2 Marathon went well…finished it where I expected to despite the horrible humidity with a personal best time.

      • I didn’t need the “link”, LOL.

        Always great when we have a personal best!

  2. HEY! Stop writing about my family functions!

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