Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | September 17, 2012

Coming Up for Air

After hitting some big deadlines, it is nice to see the rejection letters for my pet project coming in to finally put that thing to rest.

Maybe in a couple of years, I’ll be experienced enough to get the plan and ideas from my head out on the paper, but it is a good start.

And…time to start new projects.

During the evaluation periods and time while it was “out there,” I used the time to get some other things settled.  

Improving my diet and focusing on what I put into my body…and when…has really paid off with running results.  I ran a 1/2 Marathon two weeks ago with a personal best time and instead of taking some time off to rest, I simply got out and ran the next day and have kept going from there.


The Weather has been increadible and my 5 and six mile runs have turnd into 10 miles and I ran a test 1/2 Marathon yesterday to see where I stood and I knocked three more minutes off my my best time.   I attribut that to eating the right things (at the right time) and having these 70 degree days.   Just perfect weather.

I’ll get back to some ‘funny.’


  1. It’s definitely running weather here in my part of the world. I think I’ll head out for one myself. And congrats on your times. It’s always good to see improvement. It keeps us motivated.

  2. Here’s finally cooling a little bit, so running is easier now.
    I’m supposed to run a 7miles nocturnal race in two weeks, getting the motivation is not easy.
    What was your time on the half?

    • The race three weeks ago was 1:57:56 (80 degrees with 80 %; Humidity). 1:54:20 yesterday (70 degrees and low humidity.)

  3. Sorry about the project.

    Congrats on the personal improvement!

  4. Cheers for you!!!! Congrats on the “rseults” but even more on the commitment to yourself to take care of yourself and keep testing those boundaries to see just how far you can go. Yippee!

    Now, grab those shoes. Let’s go for a run.

  5. Eating well is such a challenge (for me anyway.) Congrats on establishing a good diet for yourself and the improvement in your running.

    • Thanks. New race coming, but I took last week off…we had a family issue that hit us kind of hard.

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