Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | September 24, 2012

Off My Medication 9-24-12

Alright…enough cartoons for a while…maybe

Drawing has always gotten me into more trouble than good.   Not only did it…I’ll blame ‘it’ because I am an American and NOTHING is actually my fault…cause me to underachieve during high school, but probably impacted my assignment status in the Army after some under appreciated cartoons found their way into public viewing.

I have it on good authority that someone smuggled those books from the early 1990s and “log postings” out of Germany and still have them in their possession.

But back to regular old ‘funny.’

1. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is coming to America this week to conduct press interviews, speak in front of the United Nations and sit down for important meetings with the panel member of The View.  Oh, wait…wrong world leader.

2.   Of the many topics Ahmadinejad is expected to address are Iran nuclear arsenal, plans to annihilate the Zionists and the status of the NFL referees.

3.  NY City schools are distributing the “Morning After Pill” to attendees, using the same loop hole the state of West Virginia is planning to use for all family reunions held there.

4.  Hillary Clinton is back in the County holding meetings in New York  City this week.   Obama, using Bill Clinton as an example, will NOT be in New York City.

5.  The Obama administration is discounting the fact that more Americans commit suicide than die in car accidents by letting everyone know the statistic is skewed because people can’t afford cars anymore.


  1. If he can settle this replacement ref situation I’ll give Iran another chance.

    • Judging by the reactions of NFL fans this morning, Packer Nation is calling for a Jihad.

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