Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | November 19, 2012


More often than not, in today’s society, Divorce is the motivation for cluttering.

In eighteen years of Marriage and thirteen years of parenthood, we have accumulated a lot of stuff.

Unfortunately, my wife and I don’t hate each other enough at this point in our lives to leave all of the stuff we’ve accumulated in eighteen years for the other person to clean-up.

If the economy was better, we’d just add onto the house, build more space to hold our stuff and just kick the can down the road for our kids to deal with after we appear on our episode of Hoarders.

But…it isn’t.

‘Stuff’ in our house, is not a lot of expensive things, but we’ve probably got one of everything that could be purchased at Target or Walmart.

The Burgess family alone, is surely responsible for enslaving a regular staff of fifteen 8-year-old Chinese boys just to keep up with our purchases…and one entire Taiwanese family…Great Aunts and Uncles included.

Those days are gone.

We’ve immersed ourselves into the greatest project this family has seen.

Decluttering our home.

This is bigger than any yard sale or drop off of donations, but a coordinated effort of dumpster filling, give-a-ways and throwing over-the-fence into the neighbors’ yard.    Gladly, there is little resistance.

Maybe it is because I have threatened that Santa will only be allowed to drop of presents that will be able to fit into predetermined places in the home, and if those places aren’t empty, he has been instructed to fly past…or maybe it is because I do some of my best ‘chucking’ while they are sleeping.

My years as ‘The Tooth Fairy’ have afforded me of direct knowledge of the patch in and our of each child’s’ room around the squeaky floor boards in order to avoid detection.

We moved into our current home over the Thanksgiving weekend…eighteen years ago… so we could get an extra day of truck rental over the Holiday weekend.

So, it is only fitting, that we embarked on this mass ‘decluttering’ during this period.

Just in time to fill it back up over Christmas.



  1. Maybe when you’re finished there I could persuade you to come here. I make some mean fudge!

    • We are really going at it here. We’re treating it like we’re moving out…nothing goes untouched. “When in Doubt; Throw it Out.”

      • You are my hero, your wife my heroine, your children my heroettes.

      • It had really gotten out of hand here. There are no photos because we are not proud of how bad we had gotten. We could just never ‘catch up.’ No matter how hard we tried. We’d give a go for a few days, but never saw progress…then gave up. We vowed, this time, to see it through to the end.

  2. Drastic decluttering. We need that here too. I guess it’s a matter of committing to it and not looking back.

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