Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | December 7, 2012

How Government Budget Negotiations Translate to Marriage

HUSBAND:  I would like to have intercourse with you everyday.

WIFE:  I would like to have no intercourse.

 HUSBAND:  How ’bout three times a week?

WIFE:  How ’bout none.

HUSBAND:  Maybe once a week ?


 HUSBAND:  Twice a month.

WIFE:  Nope.

HUSBAND:  You’d have to agree on at least once a month.

WIFE:  No I wouldn’t.

 HUSBAND:  A negotiation is supposed to be give and take and you’re not budging on your position.

WIFE:  By definition, a negotiation is between two parties who each possess goods or services the other party wants.   I hold all the cards and you have an empty hand.

HUSBAND:  Maybe I’ll take my ‘goods’ somewhere else and negotiate with them.

WIFE:  Good luck with that.  You should just start negotiating with your hand.



  1. government really fits snug into marrage

  2. Loved this. Shared.

  3. Thx. Should have spent more time on it…but I had a moment of inspiration. Maybe the inspiration came from a ‘personal experience.’ 😦

  4. You got off lucky. Some fellas lose the use of their hand in a negotiation like that.

  5. No honeymoons in the government

  6. Sounds about right!

  7. I nominated you for Blog of the Year! Keep up the good work!!

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