Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | January 18, 2013

Off My Medication 1-18-13

Whew.   Might be time to lighten things up around here…

I was surprised to find out, through other forms of social media, how many people begin their news reading by things I bring up there in the morning….my wife included.

That scared me and made me think that maybe, at least here, I should probably post of link to actual news stories.

But, let’s get started on today’s five…

1.  Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin was indicted today on charges including bribery, fraud and impersonating Montel Williams.

Image  Image

2.  During negotiations with Congressional Democrats to raise the debt limit for another three months,  Republicans are holding out for promises of future spending cuts and closing orphanages and kicking old people of Medicare in Blue States.

3.  I’m thinking that it wouldn’t be too difficult to convince Manti Te’o to actually play for your fantasy football team.

4.  Refusing to cave under pressure from multiple sources offended by the glorification of slavery, toy maker DECA is continuing with its’ ‘Django” action figure modeled after the Jamie Foxx character.   They are however, abandoning next months planned release of the ‘Hooded-Whip-Wielding Southerner.’

5.  Lance Armstrong backtracks on doping confession with Oprah last night.  Attributes Seven Tour de France wins on ‘special tires’ put on bike by Robert Duvall…



  1. You are the second most reliable news outlet know to man. 😉

  2. The focus on the Manti Te’o story is a testament to how bored we are in this country.

    • Kind of a slow news week…”Sport” is taking quite a pounding though. Deceit and Cheating seems to be quite popular though.

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