Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | January 29, 2013

Stopping with Attitude

Saying that I am cognizant about obeying the rules when driving would be an understatement.

Not to a point where I am danger to others…I will drive with the flow of traffic on highways and regular roads of travel, but I have never been given a ticket in 24 years on the road.

Stop signs are what I pay attention to most.  The majority of people I know who have been ticketed, have been from not coming to a complete stop at a posted sign.

I came across a sign similar to this one on a military installation on Monday.


The sign was placed in a location where it didn’t need to be…there was nothing to stop for since there the traffic to the left of me was barricaded from any trafiic coming in my direction…and the military installation was free from traffic because of a weather issue.

But I stopped and then turned right.

The officer who pulled me over said that I did not.  I didn’t argue, apologized at the appropriate time and left with a warning after he made me sit there for fifteen minutes after leaving me for another call before returning.

I came to the same ‘intersection’ today.   I didn’t see the officer hiding…but I stopped…

…and then put the car in park…then in drive and then turned right.

Flashing lights appeared behind me and I pulled over in a safe place.

He came to my window and asked, “Do you know why I am pulling you over?”

I replied that I did not.

He said, “You stopped with attitude back there.”

If there was anyone with a sarcastic car…it would be me.



  1. You got pulled over for stopping with attitude?!? That is hysterical! ONLY YOU!

    I’m guessing it gave you an enormous amount of satisfaction that the cop pulled you over to make note of the “attitude” in your stop. 🙂

    • I didn’t want a ticket though…I knew that I shouldn’t have done that. On a military base…they really don’t need reasons to punish.

      • Maybe … but that cop’s ego needed to be deflated JUST a little bit. I think you accomplished it. And you KNOW he’s telling this story in his world too!

      • I try not to taught the law enforcement personnel…it is a good idea.

  2. What an ass.

  3. Wow. Stopping with attitude. What if you stopped parked and shut off the engine? Stopping with malice.

  4. Gotta watch the attitude of your car. Is it a Mercedes? Rumor has it they are really bitchy.

  5. Did you make the car explain to the nice officer?

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